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Water Heater Expert

Ariston Water Heater Expert specialises in Ariston water heater replacement, new installation & repair. We know well Ariston LUX, Andris R, Inox AA, Aures Smart

We have vast experiences dealing with all type of Ariston water heater replacement, new installation as well as Ariston water heater repair. You can trust us for installing and fixing Ariston water heater system for you at all type of properties includes HDB flats, Condos, Private property as well as for commercial.

About Ariston Storage Water Heater

Ariston electric storage water heater has gained popularity to achieve minimalistic design on homes for several years. Ariston’s electric storage water heater has easy & flexible installation that can be installed hidden above the ceiling, multi-position with slim design with wide range of capacity that can suit water heating requirements for up to 100 litres.

About Ariston Instant Water Heater

With the Ariston AURES Luxury, every shower is a bespoke experience. 
Its allure is in its elegant Italian design and nifty functions. It can memorise up to three shower profiles, replaying them for maximum shower pleasure. 
With features like the anti-scalding system, total safety system and soft-touch interface, the Ariston AURES Luxury is the pride of the industry.

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Are you deciding the right water heater?

Ariston Storage Water Heater

LUX, ANDRIS R, RRO R & Inox AA Series

Joven water heater horizontal model JH series
  • Experience the stunning synthesis of form and function.

  • The Italian Ariston Lux is made with super-ecologic insulation materials and energy can be better conserved through its improved titanium-enamel tank.

  • Its shell technology – a perfect balance of geometry and assembly – promises intuitive design and enduring performance. Its strong resistance to pressure and corrosion makes it a permanent fixture in the house.

To know which Ariston water heater is right fit for your house at the right price,
call Mr. Speedy now
  • Copper heating element: Copper is a noble material that has a prolonged life compared to common steel heating elements: up to 50% more durable. Copper heating element is also more hygienic by using 100% safe material – no nickel, antimicrobial effect – for sanitary water, better for human health. 

  • High density insulation:  Every Ariston storage water heater can keep water hot for a long period of time due to a high-density and thick polyurethane insulation between the tank and the external body. It is an effective barrier against heat loss, and as the result, optimizing performances and reduce electricity bill. 

  • ELCB Anti-shock safety system: The ELCB (Electricity Leakage Circuit Breaker) protects the user from electric shock in case of electricity leakage.The electronic ELCB is placed on the power cord and calibrated in order to react (cut the power) in milliseconds when leakage is detected, making shower safe at anytime.

  • Flexomix technology: Flexomix, a newly-designed water inlet pipe system, produces up to 10% more hot water than a traditional water heater with the same capacity.

Ariston Storage Heater

Ariston Instant Water Heater

Latest Aures ST, SM, SMC, SB Series, Vero & Eco

Joven instant water heater SA10
To know which Ariston water heater is right fit for your house at the right price,
call Mr. Speedy now
Ariston Instant Heater

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Ariston Thermo Group

Ariston Thermo, founded in 1930, is the most global Italian company in the heating sector with 89% of its turnover coming from outside Italy. Ariston combines technologies, energy performances and the Italian design. This is the source of inspiration which guides us towards a future in which comfort is sustainable and intelligent. A worldwide leading company in the thermic comfort industry, Ariston Thermo offers a complete range of heating and water heating products, systems and services designed to provide the maximum comfort with the minimum use of energy. Ariston products are designed to fulfil the needs of modern life. “Comfort always on” is the claim of the brand’s new global campaign, because Ariston comfort is always on to simplify everyday life through the proposition of the best solutions. 

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