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We understand that most of the customers want to know the estimation of the plumbing or electrical job charges before engaging us for an onsite assessment. However, it is difficult to have an accurate price estimation without onsite assessment of your plumbing or electrical problem. Hence it is very common to either underestimate or overestimate a job over the phone without onsite assessment. Neither underestimation nor overestimation is good for you. 
In order to protect your interest and our reputation, we put together a very practical pricing guideline below for our customers to better gauge the charges for solving each type of plumbing or electrical problems.
When you call us for an appointment arrangement, you are assured to receive a totally free on site assessment without obligation. After assessement we will give you our most competitive price with clear breakdown and with no hidden costs. We will proceed to do the job only when you agree with the price and give us your approval. 
Job Descripton                                                                                                    Charges
Clear toilet bowl chokage                                                                                  $60 onwards
​Clear floor trap chokage                                                                                    $40 onwards
Replace kitchen sink/basin tap (normal type)                                                 $60 onwards
Labor & material to repair exposed copper pipe leak                                   $80 onwards
Rectify water discharge into toilet bowl by replacing new siphon               $80 onwards
Supply & replace bottle trap for kitchen sink                                                 $40 onwards
Replace Sink/Basin/Cistern flexible hose                                                        $20 onwards
Supply & install toilet bowl                                                                               $250 onwards
Supply & install basin                                                                                        $150 onwards
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