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We have vast experiences dealing with all type of Joven water heater replacement, new installation as well as Joven water heater repair. You can trust us for installing and fixing Joven water heater system for you at all type of properties includes HDB flats, Condos, Private property as well as for commercial.

About Joven Storage Water Heater

Joven Storage Water Heater Systems are the solution to a home with multipoint hot water outlets and luxurious bath systems such as bathtubs, jacuzzi, rainshowers, luxurious accessories and slider bar sets etc. The Joven JH HE series features Heat Elevator Technology which the world's first innovation that uses a magnetic device to accelerate convective heat transfer of fluids. The result is faster water-heating time, which not only improves energy effciency up to 20% but also ensures a more constant and uninterrupted flow of hot water furthermore the patented mounting ring bracket allowing flexibility in mounting the heater in any horizontal positions.

About Joven Instant Water Heater

Joven instant water heaters are wall mounted, easy to install and provide hot water to one shower point in the bathroom. Instant water heaters only require a cold water piping outlet and an electrical connection. The set comes in a set together with showerhead, hose and heater and are a complete system that is easy to install and convenient.


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Are You deciding the right water heater?

Joven Centralised Multi-point System Storage Water Heater All Models, JH Series & JVA Series

Joven water heater horizontal model JH series
Joven Storage Heater

Joven Instant Hot Water Heater

Latest SA Series & SB Series

Joven instant water heater SA10
Joven Instant Heater

About Joven

JOVEN was established in 1983, we always consider delivering the products with something new in our creations to satisfy our customer taste for quality, safe, innovative and trendy water heaters.

JOVEN is ISO 9001:2008 accredited by Moody International Certification Ltd. for our quality management system and our core business is the manufacturing of instant water heater for both single and multi point shower system, water purifier and shower filter.


After the successful take off of the instant water heater in 1983, the manufacturing of storage water heaters commenced in 1990. Over the last 30 years since our very first model, we are now the market leader in storage water heaters in Malaysia. Our storage heaters comes equipped with many safety features such as Triple Safety System together with patented universal Mounting Ring Bracket for horizontal Right, Left, or top positioning. All these products are tested and approved by SIRIM (Malaysia), IECC (Singapore), PSB (Singapore), and EEI (Thailand) standards. 

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