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We are professional plumbers with more than 20 years of experiences dedicated to fix and repair all kind of plumbing jobs. We repair or replace all kind of basin tap, faucent, kitchen sink tap, bathroom washbasin, kitchen sink, bottle trap, flexible hose and shower head. We are routined to fix or replace WC toilet bowl, WC toilet bowl flush siphon, WC toilet bowl float, WC toilet bowl cistern as well. Besides standard plumbing jobs mentioned, we are well trained and experienced enough to clear all kind of chokage such as  choked WC, toilet bowl choke, clogged kitchen floor trap, bathroom floor trap choke and clogged sink .

Clear Choke

  • Toilet Bowl Choke
  • Bathroom Floor Trap Choke
  • Kitchen Floor Trap Choke
  • Sink Choke

Replace Tap/Hose

  • Kitchen Sink Tap
  • Wash Basin Tap
  • Flexible Hose
  • Shower Set


Toilet Bowl

  • Replace Toilet Bowl 
  • Repair Toilet Bowl flush siphon
  • Repair Toilet Bowl float
  • Repair Toilet Bowl cistern

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