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The new DX water heater packs a lot of heating comfort and state-of-the-art technology into a compact size. Designed by renowned designer Dirk Schumacher this units stands out in any bathroom. Regardless of whether space is and issue or not, this unit will surprise with ease-of-use and features not expected from its compact design. Safety features and luxurious shower accessories all included.


Anti Scalding from overheat with high technology double auto temperature cut-off-safety
Care free shower ELSD Protection (Electric Leakage Safety Device)

Product Features:

Space Saver
Easy Install
Water Proof to IP25 Electrical Safety Standard
Works Well Even in Low Water Pressure
5 in 1 shower setting : (Rain, Jumbo, Massage, Mix, Mist)

Heat & Flame Resistant PCB Set
High Quality ABS Plastic Case
All UL Approved
High Effiency Plastic Tank
Built In Earth Wire System
Surge Protection
Automatic Flow Switch On/Off Control

STIEBEL ELTRON DX33S Instant Water Heater

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